A Student's Education Should Not Be Trapped by Their Zip Code


You should not be trapped by your zip code into the education system that you're going to get. And I know that's and actually, you know where that's grown as you well know is growing the most and for the podcast listener. The area where that thought is growing the most is in your poor inner city schools. And actually, it is shown to work. And for those of you who out there who just believe, oh, we just need to throw more money at education. I just give you the city of Atlanta, which has the highest, one of the highest, if not the highest per student spend rate in the state of Georgia, but some of the lowest test scores and before you tell me it's about demographics and other things, you have private charter schools that are running simultaneously within two miles of the same school, the same demographic of kids the same issues, but yet are producing graduates that go on to flagship universities where it's just down the road. The difference is I think the motivation and the teachers and how they interact with these students. So it's not all just about the money, which is what the teachers unions want to share with this

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