New York Times Tries Hit Piece on Elon Musk


So I want you to listen to this This is the headline from The New York Times that they wrote into a tweet They tried to do a hit piece on Elon after their widely mocked and laughed at hit piece on Tucker Carlson only led to an explosion in viewers for the Tucker Carlson show That piece was written by a guy named dick confessor at The New York Times He was widely mocked and left that for being the tool that he is So they tried another one So he did a piece of Elon Musk and in the tweet they write Elon Musk grew up in an elite white elite white communities in South Africa Detached from apartheid's atrocities and surrounded by anti black propaganda So as Leighton woodhouse notes who actually read the piece here's what's in the actual article Elon Musk's dad was an elected official from an anti apartheid party Elon Musk's school had an anti apartheid curriculum Musk had black friends it was bullied for standing up to racist kids Moscow at home to avoid fighting for an apartheid regime You can't bake it up folks They have become completely Yes this is in the yes I'll read the gyms like this I'll just read quickly So they're talking about when an Elon Musk's friend He said this guy sadly one of them was killed in a car accident in 1987 and mister ren washi said he remembered Musk being one of only a handful of white people who attended the funeral in the family's rural village Apparently one time at lunch a white student used an anti black slur and mister Musk tried at the student but then got bullied for doing

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