Miss Kay and Lisa Robertson on Their New Book 'Sister Roar'


Let's get to it. What is this book and why did your publisher force you to give it the preposterous title sister roar? How much do I love you to have you on this program to talk about a book called sister roar? I just find that funny. Yeah. Well, I'll tell you what. We came up with the name, actually. Because, you know, throughout our life, we feel as though the evil one silences our voice with difficulties with struggles that we have. And so we want every woman to find their voice and to find that roar that they can speak to others about because in struggles, you know, whenever we have victories through those struggles, we need to tell other people about that because like you said, so many people are in the same place that we are without hope. And so our thing with this book is we want to give people hope and we want to tell them, look, we've been there and you just got to find that voice and you got to tell people, give them that

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