Josh Mandel: Jim Jordan, Ted Cruz Have Been Very Good to Me


Now Jim Jordan endorsed you is that correct Jim has been very good to me He hasn't gotten involved officially in the race but he's been very good to me But Ted Cruz has not only endorsed me but he spent Friday and Saturday with me barnstorming the state Mark I've talked on your show about the fact that I'm running the campaign through churches So Ted and I went to victory Christian church in Dayton We went to northwest baptist church in Toledo high street baptist church in Columbus and then solid rock church in Cincinnati had huge crowds and I'm so proud to have senator Cruz in my corner And actually tonight on the new Twitter which is free after Elon Musk's purchase of it in about 45 minutes we're doing what's called a Twitter spaces Got free town hall meeting on Twitter So any of your listeners who've rejoined us purchase you can join me in senator Mike Lee for town hall on Twitter You can just go to my Twitter handle which is Josh mandel Ohio And you could join up there at 9 o'clock eastern tonight

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