Dr. Mehmet Oz: The Biggest Issues Across Pennsylvania


You know people don't realize how big Pennsylvania is I mean 67 counties the western part isn't like the eastern part the southwestern parts not like the central part and they could go on and on and on It really is a diverse state in every respect What do you find are the biggest issues that people are raising as you campaign across the state Just to underline something you said it is actually a bellwether for the country because of that Because you see microcosms of the east coast the Midwest a rural areas Areas that have been deprived of support and areas that are incredibly affluent Issues with our questions start with inflation in part because Pennsylvania's know that energy prices are driving a lot of inflation and under our feet here is enough natural gas to power the entire country for hundreds of years There's two Saudi Arabia's beneath me So when people know they've got an answer and there's a problem in front of them as well they want to combine the two but they're frustrated that ideology has prevented the Biden administration for doing the simple basic things of creating an operation warp speed for energy policy to actually prioritize what we're doing with the domestic energy For that reason our communities are communities are impoverished We're not taking natural gas out of the ground We're not actually able to become energy dominant again and we can't help our allies overseas

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