Jesse Watters: Hate Speech Is Just Stuff the Left Disagrees With


Waters over Fox News channel had a really, really great monologue about this whole Elon Musk Twitter episode. Check this out. Hate speech is this stuff that liberals disagree with. Let's take a look at who they censored and why. Remember, Charlie Kirk, and the Babylon B, they got suspended for calling a biological man a man. Then Tucker Carlson was suspended after coming to their defense. They suspended a Chinese virologist who claimed COVID was made in the Wuhan lab. Doctor Robert Malone and mRNA scientist was permanently nuked for questioning the vaccine. And daily wire, cofounder Jeremy boring made a joke about Brussels sprouts and was knocked off. Libs of TikTok. Remember those guys? They were suspended for a hateful conduct. After bringing attention to videos made by these radical loons, all lives of TikTok was was a mirror. They just held up a mirror to libs of TikTok

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