The Rage Coming From Leftist Karine Jean-Pierre


Here's the new White House incoming press secretary Karine Jean Pierre Karine Jean Pierre is the press secretary again like Nancy Pelosi's Speaker of the House for the United States Here's Kareem John Pierre who is the press secretary for the EOP executive office of the presidency Here she is again calling everyone under the sun she can erase Keep in mind she works for you the entire country And tell me again how the rage emanates only from the right Check this out Racism sexism misogyny all of that homophobia xenophobia We connected to Donald Trump but it existed before Donald Trump Fox News was racist before coronavirus They are racist during the coronavirus Fox News will be racist after the coronavirus Racism was here before Donald Trump and his sadly it will be here after Donald Trump It walks like a racist talks like a racist acts like a racist It is a racist And we have a racist president in The White House Who really pushes his racism like a peacock Donald Trump is the first president to have purposefully had made has made racism the center of his of his campaign of his administration clearly I think Donald Trump wants to get rid of legal immigration and it's because of people who come from Brown and black countries he might do away with DACA which is another moral line that he would be crossing which is something that would be enforcing advancing some white supremacy agenda Donald Trump was a white supremacist in 2011 when he decided to be the grand wizard of the birth of movement Birtherism which is inherently racist They want to put up these awful voter registration voter suppression laws which is racism to make it difficult for people of color to vote In voter suppression is racism That's exactly what it is So where's all the anger coming from You sure this is all emanating from some rage volcano on the right because it certainly sounds like the angry people are on the left

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