Sean Feucht Is Heading to Orlando to Protest Disney


Folks we're back with John foy, and here's the here's the issue, Sean, travels so much that he's doing this interview from the airport. Any particular airport Sean in case somebody wants to, you know, harm you too late. I'm in Charleston, South Carolina on my way to Orlando, Florida to defund Disney. That's what we're doing today, Eric. Okay, so I want to say it again. You are on your way to Orlando. Tonight. You are going to be at the gates of what is it that it's the Magic Kingdom, Disney World, Orlando. You're going to be there. Rumors. Yes. I'm going to be there. Yeah. And folks, if you can get there, first of all, let's be honest, it's fun. To be with Sean foy to be in an environment where everybody knows, you know, what's what? And is willing to stand against it. There's something really empowering and wonderful about that. So if people want to find you tonight, they know you're going to be in

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