Agnes Gibboney Describes Her Son's Untimely Death 20 Years Ago


First guest of the day delighted to have somebody I call a personal friend. She's a warrior for the truth. Agnes, angel mother, are you there? I am. How are you, doctor gorka? I'm good. I'm good because it's a Friday. However, I am sad to hear from you that the mainstream media don't want to talk to you lately. You have a very somber anniversary to discuss. Tell us what you wish to remind everybody across this nation of. Well, I wanted to remind everyone that this past Wednesday celebrated my son's 20th anniversary of his murder. And very heartbreaking that in 20 years, nothing has got in our country, but it got worse and disaster at the border. There's going to be more victims like me like my family and our government is doing absolutely nothing about it. It is very heartbreaking. This for some reason was a very, very difficult anniversary. I relive every feeling I had 20 years ago. And to make things worse. Let's remind everybody who hasn't heard you on our show before. And this is a photograph of you and me in front of the capitol when you asked me to speak with some other angel moms. You've got a T-shirt with a photograph of your grown son above it. It says permanently permanent family separation. How are you separated from your son talk to us about your son, tell a millions of lessons across this nation, your tragic story. Sure. My son was shot and killed by a previously deported criminal illegal alien who intended to shoot his friend in the back. And my son noticed somebody coming approaching him from behind in the dark as my son was leaving the driveway. And he fired in my son got Ebola in the arm. And I'm so sad to say this was particularly very difficult because this guy, my son's best friend, Robert, is my hero, or should I say, was my hero because he just passed away this past Monday, two days before Ronald X anniversary. So I'm very heartbroken about his loss. He was my last connection to my

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