Why Kash Patel Authored Children's Book 'The Plot Against the King'


The legendary and the great cash Patel. I'll tell you what, I get more cash Patel alerts from people. They're sending me stuff and you're very famous man cash. Charlie, I'm trying to keep up with you in the efforts you're putting out. Yeah, I mean, you were on Maria show yesterday, right? Recently, right? Yeah, Devin and I, she thought it would be fun to have Devin and I, the Russia gate guys on for the day before the Russia gate trial. Yeah. So I want to get into that. You have a new book out called the plot against the king. It's a book, right? It's a children's book. Oh, this will drive crazy. So basically what we thought was, yeah, it's called the plot against the king. And look, we said it in medieval times, and we thought they're shoving critical race theory down our children's throats and don't use. Why don't we educate our children about the truth? Yes. And the biggest story of our generation, Charlie, is the Russia gate hoax. And no one's teaching our kids about it. So we had this idea to say, let's set it in medieval times. We'll have a king named Donald. We'll have Hillary Clinton. The maga king. The maga king. He played right into it. I mean, we could set it up any better. We've got Hillary Clinton and the shifty night. And of course, the night of the round table, Devin. And it's our question. It's our quest for truth and the simple issue is, why shouldn't we educate our children on what actually happened in Russia gate? It's for anyone foreign up and honestly, adults should get up. But we don't know all of it yet. We don't know all of it, but that's why we can write a part too. Oh, there'll be a sequel. So it's called, it's called plot against the king. And you can go to plot against the number one child's book right now in on Amazon. And we haven't even technically. That's a tough category. I'll tell you what. There might be some not so subtle cues and clues in here. There's a few, I think your audience is going to have fun with those. Oh yeah. They got it. They got to dig through it. Okay. So it's on

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