Support the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews


Com right now. If you want to do something productive, save lives, the international fellowship of Christians and Jews is bringing food and supplies on planes into Ukraine. They're landing in Ukraine and when they empty the plains, they are loading up refugees and taking them to the safe harbor, the sanctity of Israel. It's an extraordinary miracle, $45 will reserve a seat. And well, it's not exactly a seat. It's room on the plane to get into Ukraine and then it will pay to get a refugee out of Ukraine, aboard one of the planes that the international fellowship of Christians and Jews are using. Please go to Mike on line dot com. We had a $20,000 day one. We did over $12,000 yesterday. We've already raised over $32,000. Let's keep it going. The sky's the limit. Let's save these lives. If you are heartbroken by the images that we're seeing day after day in Ukraine, well, you can do something about it. You can help get these people out. We've got to get them out of Ukraine. So I'm praying that you will go to Mike online dot com right now to make your generous contribution to the fellowship, the international fellowship of Christians and Jews.

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