Mitt Romney's Most Unforgivable Betrayal Yet


Are rejecting katangi Brown Jackson, Marsha Blackburn, Rick Scott, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee Rand Paul Josh hawley, and credit to Josh hawley for leading the charge on actually uncovering the fact that katangi Brown Jackson has a soft spot for pedophiles. However, do we really have an entire Republican Party? Do we have a complete Republican Party? The answer is of course not. Whenever things are getting critical or crucial, you can count on two senators in particular. One to a lesser extent to betray the promise to their voters. Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski, and Susan Collins have voiced their support for katangi Brown Jackson. Now my criticism will be mainly focused on Lisa Murkowski and Mitt Romney. The reason is Susan Collins never pretended to be a conservative. She runs as an outright moderate who will basically vote for the Republican leader in the Senate and the rest she's a wild card. She's an honest, moderate. She doesn't lie to her voters. She doesn't. That's one of the reasons why she's able to win over so many Democrats in Maine. Mitt Romney lies to his voters, and that's who I want to deal with first. Mitt Romney is coming out and saying he's going to support the nomination of katangi Brown, Jackson. He says, in his statement, quote, kanji Brown Jackson is a well qualified journalist, jurist, and a person of honor. Who more than meets the standard of excellence and integrity. Man my support rests on judge Jackson's qualifications, which no one questions. I question. Hello. Would someone ask Willard Mitt Romney? That's his real name, by the way, Willard. Hey, do you think that not being able to tell you what a woman is? Do you think that's normal for a Supreme Court Justice? No one will ask that, of course. He said she demonstrated judicial independence. Oh, is that what we call it now? Leniency towards baby torture is judicial independence.

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