Sen. Rand Paul Unsure if Trump Would Return to Twitter


Elon Musk confirming yesterday that if and when he gets control of Twitter, he's going to welcome Trump back to Twitter. Oh, look at this. Jack Dorsey, now a supports Trump returning to Twitter. The ACLU supports reinstating Donald Trump. Where were all those folks for the last two years, senator? All I can say is, you know, I've been threatening and threatening to quit Twitter and I quit YouTube because they censor me, but I haven't quit Twitter. But if Elon Musk takes over, it gets rid of the sensors, I love his irreverent sarcasm and he's actually just playing funny a lot of the times. And actually, I don't even know his politics. I think he may have a libertarian street tumor, I don't think he's either conservative or liberal. I think he's probably a mixture of a lot of different beliefs that the younger generation believes him. But it might not always agree with, but my goodness, do I agree with freedom of speech without question? I think he's going to make it a fun place again. But you know what? I doubt Trump will come back, you know, he's in a direct competitor now. He's got a bunch of money invested in this true social. So I would be very surprised if he came back to Twitter.

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