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Indeed that was the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt speaking exclusively with our very own Aslinda Armin. A quick look at some of those assets in play right now just taking a look at the oil price we were looking at earlier WGI at near highs of the year 87 bucks for 30 cents. The barrel we've got a 10 -year yielding 4 .28 % and a dollar which is steady after losses in the last 24 hours. This is Bloomberg. Broadcasting 24 hours a day at bloomberg .com and the Bloomberg Business Act. This is Bloomberg Radio. This is Bloomberg Daybreak Asia for this Tuesday September 12th in Hong Kong Monday September 11th in New York. Coming up today Apple renews its deal with Qualcomm in a sign in -house iPhone chips may not be ready. Disney and Charter Communications agree to end a blackout of ESPN and ABC for millions of customers and China's economy shows signs of stability as credit growth rises. US and NATO say Russia must be desperate to accept munitions from North Korea. FDA approves new COVID vaccine remembering 9 -11. I'm Ed Baxter with Dan Schwartzman. I'll have that story and more coming up in Bloomberg Sports. That's all straight ahead on Bloomberg Daybreak Asia on Bloomberg 1130 New York Bloomberg 99 .1 Washington DC Bloomberg 106 .1 Boston Bloomberg 960 San Francisco Sirius XM 119 and around the world on Bloombergradio .com and via the Bloomberg Business Act.

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