A highlight from Bitcoin Crashing LIVE! (Vitalik Hacked)


Welcome to Discover Crypto, everybody. Today is September 11th. Yes, September 11th. It is 11 .34am. You may notice a new change. A little different colors over here. Maybe a little bit of a different logo right there. But we still have the same squad. We still have the same people. We still got AJ. We still got Drew on the ones and twos in the corner. Me and Drew are one step closer to eating MREs. It's going to be fantastic. Guys, we're going to talk about SEC. We're going to talk about XRP. We got an ETH hack. Vitalik got hacked. Did ETH get hacked? Is all your ETH gone? So we're going to talk about the Vitalik hack. Also, FTX. What do they hold, everybody? But guys, we're going to have another video coming out pretty soon. Probably what? After the live stream. Do we know when that's going out, Drew? I'll have to check. We'll have to check. We'll have an answer by the end of the show. We have a video explaining a lot of things, explaining everything. We just hope that you watch it. We'll share it. When as soon as I get the tweet, I'll share it to everybody. But let's just get right into the show. Does that sound good to you, AJ? That sounds great to me. AJ, you look fresh today. You got the gel. You got the cool shoes on. You look tan. You look glowing. How was your weekend? I went to the first round of SMX in Charlotte, North Carolina, working for my weekend job, which is for Racer X Magazine. It's a very well -known motocross industry kind of thing. And I had an absolute blast. Caught up with a bunch of my friends. Spent way too much time in the sun, but hey, probably needed it. And the race was great. I'm excited. I might be going to the last round in two weeks in LA. Oh, did you see Johnny Crypto out there? Nope. He's the other motocross. Guys, we see Bitcoin is dumping. Okay, we're going to look at the charts pretty quickly. We might even bump it up a little bit just to get into it. Let's just pull it up. Let's just get right into the show, everybody. Yeah, you can see a fresh little dump. Let me hit refresh because, guys, it is not looking great on the short term. And even when you zoom out, you're going to see that we kind of broke some key levels. This is the 24 -hour chart for Bitcoin. Currently, we're coming in at $25 ,118. But if you look at the 7 -day, you'll see exactly what I'm talking about. We've been trading in this range. We spiked above it, but you just see that flat, flat range. And we go to the 14 -day. In the 30 -day, it looks even more sharp. Just hanging out, hanging out flat, and then we drop below. Let's go to the 30 -day. You see, we haven't fallen below this level in a while. And if we keep going, you'll see even more of the same. Back about around 3 months ago, we dipped down into the $24K level. So as long as we stay above this area, I'm not going to feel super, super scared. Now, you see the dump, AJ. Are you feeling a little worried, a little fear here? Well, I know Kelly is doing TA, but Drew, if you go to my chart really fast, one thing I just want to point out is that this line right here, this yellow line, what I talked about last week, the $25 ,300 area, that is a super important support resistance line from way back here, right? And if we lose this line, I am pretty worried moving forward. Very, very worried moving forward. I'm probably looking to fall to $23 ,000s, maybe worse. But I've been saying it for a while that this line is my make or break right now. So let's hope for the best. And that's Marcus. Wait a minute. What do you got going? Is that trading view or a puddle filled with oil? I didn't clean it up, but this is Lux Algo. With Market Cipher, I run a lot of stuff. It looks like craziness to you guys, but it makes sense to me, but I'll clean it up for next time. It looks like the console from a 1980s sci -fi movie where they showed NASA desk. That's what it looks like. Let's look at the rest of the market here. We have Ethereum down as well. If we pull up this level, you can see we're now at $15 .59, dropping down everybody. We do the same thing we do with Bitcoin. You see we're hitting some levels we haven't seen in a while. And if you go down, we're actually lower than we were three months ago. Bitcoin fell below where we were three months ago. Ethereum is, I mean, held above. Ethereum is falling below, so losing some key areas right there. The 180 day doesn't look better. But when you go to the one year, it doesn't look quite as bad. And it does the same thing for Bitcoin. You click on the one year, it feels bearish. We've been trading sideways. Everything just feels bad. But you click on that one year, kind of puts things in perspective like, okay, maybe it's not all over. Maybe we are on an uptrend on the long term here. All right, let's look at some more coins here. We have BNB down 3%, XRP down 5 whopping percent, everybody. It is down basically the whole week here, down 6 .2%. Keeps growing by. We see Cardano finally broke out of that 25 cent range, been stuck at 25 cents. Now it is below. Am I going to look to buy some cheap Cardano? Maybe not. I might hold off and look for some different alts there. We have Solana down 2 .3 and then TonCoin down 5%. We're going to go to the top losers and have an idea. This is not going to look great. The top gainers, probably going to be stable coins. I don't know. I haven't clicked it myself. Let's see what we got. We have one coin. No, wait, whoa, gold. Gold is up and optimism is up. I don't even know if we should count PAX Gold. So we have one crypto essentially that is up. That is optimism. And then we have a couple gold pegged stable coins that are down. If we go to the top losers, we have RollBit down in the double digits, everybody. I hope you pulled some profits because we are down 27 % on the week. Arbitrum down 14 % on the week and Apecoin down almost 14 % of the week. Apecoin down almost 7%, Arbitrum down almost 10%. Huobi down as well. Radix. Radix always has to get in that top five of gainers or losers. And you can see you kind of hit the mark there. All right, anything standing out to you in the markets? Are you looking to buy some or are you looking to maybe see if we go down lower? I'm waiting to see what's going to happen, especially with the support resistance line on Bitcoin. I'm being patient right now. I'm being patient. I'm sitting out. Yep. All right. Well, some people weren't patient and they saw Vitalik tweet out a link. And they impatiently just snapped in, hit that button, they signed in and they connected their wallet. And next thing you know, they got drained from this Vitalik hack, everybody. But it wasn't his wallet that got hacked. It wasn't his bank account that got hacked. But his ex -account did get hacked, everybody. Ethereum co -creator Vitalik Buterin's ex -account reportedly breached. Hacker makes away with $690K. Did they stop there on purpose? Almost $700K, folks. You can see he was leading to a left of $690K. As per Decrypt, the breach happened on Saturday. A post surfaced on his feed promoting NFTs from a software provider, ConsenSys, which turned out to be a scam link displayed to his almost 5 million followers and asked victims to connect their wallets to mint the NFT. Instead, the hacker gained access to the funds. I believe a couple punks got stolen. So most of what got stolen was NFTs, folks. So just say you got to be careful out there. Maybe people don't have a whole bunch of ETH on the wallet, but they have some NFTs. And so they're out there, they're just clicking things, they're linking things, and it didn't end up going well for those people. So you got to be careful clicking links out there, folks. I think it was a little bit of a FOMO. If I'm guessing what, if you see an hour -long post or, you know, and maybe, but when you see it's, you know, you refresh by following and it's a 14 -second link, you might go ahead and click that because, oh, you know, only 5 ,000. Maybe they go get claimed, you go on Etherscan, you see 17 people did it in the last two seconds. You're just going to FOMO in. You got to be careful out there. It happened. It does happen. It happens. Don't think that includes the values of the stolen punks. I thought it did. I'm not sure. We'll look more into that as this story has time to digest, everybody. Just here to talk about, okay, Tim. Tim and the investing bros are out there 9 to 10 a .m. Everybody, you can check that out. All right.

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