A highlight from The Jets in Despair, a Wide-Open AFC East, and the Big UFC-WWE Merger With Sean Fennessey, Ben Solak, and Nick Khan


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We're gonna bring in our guy, Sean Fennesey, diehard Jets fan to walk through his emotions the last 12 hours. And then last but not least, Nick Khan, who was running WWE, but today they merged with UFC. And we're gonna talk about that merger, what it means, what it means for the business, what's Vince McMahon's role in the whole thing. And then we're gonna talk a lot of sports media stuff as well. ESPN versus Charter, what the NBA rights are gonna be. So this is an action -packed podcast. Dare I say it's a TKO for you, the listener. Let's bring in Pearl Jam. All right, we're taping this on Tuesday morning, we got the words that Aaron Rodgers, out for the year, torn Achilles, Sean Fennesey, who I've worked with for 11 plus years at this point, diehard Jets Mets fan, Knicks, been a rough ride, rocky road. After Rodgers went down five minutes into the game, you just tweeted goodbye and it didn't respond to texts. We didn't know. I was saying it was like, Marcuson's gone. There is no Marcuson. It's like, Sean's gone. There is no Sean. How are we feeling today? Thanks for having me on the show, Bill. Really kind of you to have me on. I feel justified in all of my melodramatic curse talk. I'm sure I feel similar to how you felt in 2002, 2003, you know, with the socks and feeling anxiety. I feel bad. I feel even worse, actually, because they won for a variety of reasons. But we got a chance to see, like, this is a really cool, fun, exciting team. And they, I don't know if they were Super Bowl bound, but it's easy to imagine a world in which they could have been Super Bowl bound. So yeah, I feel I feel very bad. Very bad. Well, I think the revelation from last night was that Breese looked like 95 percent of where he was last year, which I was not expecting. He was a weird fantasy football guy. It was people like, when's he going to be 100 percent, is it going to happen? So the fact that he looked like that almost made the Rogers thing worse as the game was going on, if it was even possible to feel worse about it, because it's like, oh, this guy is like a guy again. Yeah, even at the very beginning of the game, it's stupid to nitpick the first four play calls. But I was like, wow, they're really throwing a lot coming out of this game. I thought the whole point of this season was to actually use the running game to power Rogers. Obviously, the injury is a freak injury. Nothing could have prevented it. He's an older player. That O -line is obviously problematic, but it was painful actually watching Breese play so well because that could have been really the focal point of the offense. And then Aaron Rodgers just needed to be competent and then this would have been a really competitive team. So it's like I'm legitimately depressed about it. On the other hand, I tell you what I really don't like about it.

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