Shouts of jeff and andy and their german ass factory


Shouts of jeff and andy and their german ass factory first of all with names like jeff and andy why not go for the german factory 100 percent the white house names that you can think of it over the whitest race much oh i was a little much it was it was over the satisfying mona you gotta do i mean i listen i'm going to say as if you have the opportunity two two by a german factory you fucking do it i will put anything in their mike you if you say anything that you have is from a german factory i opening a media i'm like i'm super down half whatever you has hooper anyway something happened recently in the news that i wanted to kinda touch on because we forgot to talk about it we are planning are talking about a uh and then we just didn't get to it because we got really heated over cereals and god knows what what else we were talking about well cereals and fast food restaurant all right of some still upset about i listen i'll never understand some of your decision making but i think you think about what is going to make you run to the bathroom the least quickest an athlete you like at the most so untreated me it was like you guys had a argument about the'real and you didn't and raise the brain is in your number one i didn't i it wasn't raisin brand it was like oh honey bunches votes made no it was like a total one your some fucking i it was definitely some would oats and i was like at the fall i always grandma yet when i saw you respond like yeah what a fucking when not she's not an idiot whoever said it.

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