Ezekiel Elliott Allowed To Play Against Chiefs On Sunday


In the lineup sunday for the cowboys when they take on the chiefs as he received an administrative state panel of judges will meet again next week the here another appeal on behalf of the cowboy warning back espn reports owner jerry jones robert kraft bob mcnair will be deposed and cellphone records in emails we turned over in relation to the colin kaepernick collusion case the astros today celebrated their first ever championship with their fans with a parade through downtown houston and after all the city has been through in recent months world series of bp george springer was only too happy to share the joy the alive we brought soap it hall for the great city houston on that mark i want everybody to celebrate enjoy it used in we have a championship team and no one can take that away from us nba action the celtics looking for their seventh straight tonight against the thunder in oklahoma city kyrghiz irving is fit in well on his new home and with the seasonending injury to gordon hayward he said it's bond him to lead the way my job is one of them and some of those of you in the work for bugs you know expertise and so we have because they're concerts themselves are high the thunder come in with wins in last two the spurs have dropped their last four and we'll try to hope that good tonight against the hornets at home getting underway in detroit the pistons and the bucks the one and five bulls take nothing surprising orlando magic who six into those far pace shares in sixers are tipping off in philadelphia and in washington the cavaliers and the wizards getting underway as well i'm rich ackerman.

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