I can relate to you know there's an grand ambition movies


I can relate to you know there's there's an grand ambition movies i dunno on wall street jitters scharf acer leg you know he's like being baker stories of you know people citizen kane or like you know people who were like you know these kind of their large in the larger than s movie stories then and then i felt like then you know a lot of the smaller things in a romantic love and and you know families and relationships or whatever like those things are often exported about like that thing where you feel like you know am i think some of the stuff that i think a lot of times people are spend a lot of their actual mental energy thinking about it was just something i was like how do you hanging on what is the vessel to write about these ideas like a status things that any kind of movie but that isn't it just like that feels kind of like emotionally honest right right and so you know different ideas filtered in and out and then you know the truth is i don't know how i kind of ended up with the script that i had it just kind of their certain parts that i knew that i wanted to hit and then it just kind of for me a lot of it is just to digest stating on something a long time before i right and then the writing comes pretty quickly but yeah i mean it only assertive became apparent though i was like okay this is this is a this is the movie and this is the movie i'm going to direct an accident it wasn't like you know i don't know it just kind of it just sort of organically came over just just stating on it for.

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