So now you go to green bay i dare you says green bay


You put in an office of coordinated that has been very successful four fantasy options when when they've had that role in the past and your week one in week two matchups were against really good tough opponents so now you go to green bay i dare you says green bay so now you go to green bay you might need to score more and yeah so played uber nod if you have to play any of them maybe it'd be if for some reason you have three begles on your roster first take a look in the mirror and evaluate your life as a fancy football player but to it and it would be played geo because they they're going to be trailing packer sightings have been targeted more than any other team in the league this year between rogers and bennett and been it has a ton targets this season a lot of it has to do with the including jordi louisiana it's been or it's early but bennett is a very stark worthy tight in yet this week especially in the sense that ran oqab we we above my an eye he's going to be a game time decision but we lean out if he is gone then they just have to use them yeah no doubt about it if cob is out you start i mean you're starting jordy nelson no matter what if he's active correct davante adams no matter what either okay all right let's move on oh yes start aaron rodgers guess chief thinks at chargers another divisional battle the chargers are three point underdogs at home in this one forty seven and a half point over under were expecting some points to fly in this game alex smith do you start in for a third straight week said jason over at is trending towards out again in human he's a huge piece of the chargers pass defense.

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