Matt ryan i think that there's a lot of points scored in that falcons lion's game


And i am the first pick again so a guys guess swung a table the my first pick on i'm going to guess aaron rodgers how did you know i monteclaro aaron rogers is somehow gone i'm a an actually zaghle little bit i'm gonna take tom brady jiang it he was who has one win the second pick this is every single week we do this i am never on the term i'll always been the second pick and i would rather getting ready i'm gonna go ahead and grab matt ryan i think that there's a lot of points scored in that falcons lion's game this is where it gets a little interesting to me i am going to hope for the upside of the downside of new orleans and i'm taken kamnu i don't blame you i'm gonna go ahead in this is an all quarterback draft take dierickx car with my second order that's a great pick and i'm actually happy because you have left matti snap back on the board so matt stafford has joined the fantasy hitman team oh on the turn so that means i get to pick again and i will take the compliment i think is that what i want to do you're going to take the compliment for dear car i'm going to chase those vegas points i'm to take kirk cousins and home primetime okay i'm going to go ahead i'm on the clock again with my third pick i'm taken philip rivers against kansas city all loans nice in this match up and turn it over to jason to make his pair of quarterback picks leg pair of quarterback picks look that up to fantasy quarterbacks are still on the board a tremor in and alec smith i wanna take drew brees is my first stack it up against cameroon and just hope that the points are rolling in that match up you know i believe i will.

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