On Air with The Changelog - 267: Functional Programming with Eric Normand Discussing macbook pro, operating system and eighteen months

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And um yes so there is this idea that now there's no free lunch you can't just wait eighteen months and your software is twice as fast so what are we going to do we actually need to use all of our cores in our software and uh i think about ten years ago that was a pretty good argument that's what it look like was going to happen the core started coming out yet to cores and then really soon after that four kors that was ten years ago and i think like the high end macbook pro has now the mac what is the mac pro the one the all in one yes like an that one has sixteen and so we haven't really had that doubling every eighteen months like i was promised thousands of course i remember people say you're going to have it in your laptop thousands of course and also grazie yeah and you would think oh man like my software can't paralysed that much what am i going to do i better learn a language that lets me do that but i just has not panned out for pro in a number of reasons i think the biggest reason is that for you know software that you have to run on your computer there's so many programmes running any way you're operating system can handle the amount of parallels eishin you need so what i mean by that is like i have a slack window open i have tabs open the tabs are each in the different process so the operating system process it can soak up a lot of the course at you've got you don't need a single oh s process that can do paralyzation so well right now.

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