Simon Pegg addresses Shaun of the Dead sequel rumors


And i'm just going off of like what i remember from the trailer is there a kind of like the he murdered his wife and then there's the horror begins in the kind of like memories or she's coming back meal you're not or wet as you may have heard sometimes they combat or yeah moore um yeah it's it's not a supernatural film no okay i felt like in the trailer made it at like she's back for revenge zhila note evellina danone well i mean that that's it's debatable yeah so is it a thing of like he thinks she is back for ravanne no okay it's more now and it's telling hill heart kind of a uh that that's a perfect a comparison so what did you think about this movie i thought i like this movie very much i thought i thought i'd like this move yeah i s i think i had a nice watch of this movie yeah i thought it was really very 90s n m g eight be able to get your hand out i think you'll get yeah it's the i think it looks great it looked at tom jane is great in it he is uh an actor or yeah he was like you know what what if i did a home movie where i didn't open my mouth and uh and then he's a straight up did it news yeah yeah um yeah i like this movie it's not amazing but it now it's good is and he on really really strong moments in it it's a very forgettable yet uh and there's a couple of things in it where it's you know it's really canadian i i i think it is very made it and it also is very stephen king.

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