Were the rules of the universal studios horror movie


There are or are one they must be one of a kind tales to they must be believable and characterization three they must have unusual special effects four besides the major monster there must be a secondary character of weird appearance such as e gore five they must confess right off that the show is a horror film sex they must include a fish tosh character to express the normal scepticism of the audience set they must be based on some pseudoscientific premise for rank to another episode of you must remember this the podcast dedicated to exploring the secret and or forgotten history of hollywood's first century part of the panoply network i'm your host karina longworth and what you have just heard were the rules of the universal studios horror movie as outlined by producer george wagner in a may nineteen forty two saturday evening post story titled scare him to death and cash in we've talked about universal's rules before in an episode very early in the life of this podcast on rko horror movie producer val luton working in the 1940s looting considered himself to be creating a new realistic and underplayed style in opposition to the universal house rules which had become nothing if not formulaic this season we are going to go back in time to win universal's horror movies had not yet become cal safai till one they were brand new and groundbreaking and momentarily able to invent a whole new type of sound era hollywood genre and also re invent male movie stardom this season we are going to talk about bela lugosi and boris karloff two middleaged foreign struggling actors who became huge stars thanks to universal's horror movies of the 1930s.

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