College Sports: Oklahoma-Oklahoma State live updates: With so much on the line, who will win Bedlam?


Corner the guy he's clutch born every minute 21 110 in favor of oklahoma and then just been a minute less than a minute later oklahoma state cut into the lead again bursting goal from the sixyard line for the cowboys i did not take long justice sailed to the right rudolf hill six foreign after may twenty one seventeen in favor of oklahoma and then again twenty seven seconds later the sooner short from distance cape flats the hands has looking to pass pump fake a couple of times right now the flint got his man markieff grant quickie crap will feel after borders markeith crowd is going to go away eighty four yards point after minute 28 seventeen in favor of oklahoma and the seesaw continue the swing bistana as usual in the cowboys favour rudolph from the shotgun has fixed the head off hill grow track hot on on to touch reception at all stay answer the right back born every minute 28 24 in favor of oklahoma and then after the last two touchdowns were scored through the air this one came on the ground added a that he will hand to anderson he's met by great attack at the dunk five don't text out born after 35 twenty four in favor of oklahoma in an mason off again kept the cowboys close ready to go off in oklahoma state first agenda the oklahoma 35 they're down a let rudolf dropping back to pass he wants at all and so why not thirty five yards born after had thirty five thirty one in favor of oklahoma the sooner than add a field goal to make a thirty eight thirty one and then just before the half the cowboys would even things up on the ground started a wide receiver lotion leftright ill handed off hazard 2528 satellite check her out born after makes of thirty eight thirty eight that is where we sit right now in terms of the shootout and still water thirty eight a peace between oklahoman oklahoma state in unbelievably entertaining first half between the two bitter rivals will send it back to the field for the second half when we return i'm john ralston you're.

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