'2000 Mules' Has Blown Up... And It's Making Fox News Look Horrible


My documentary 2000 mules has broken out into the political and cultural mainstream. It's now become kind of unstoppable. In fact, today, at the European Union, a group, I think there are Dutch members of parliament. They have announced a screening of the movie followed by a discussion of the worldwide worldwide problem of election fraud. Yesterday, The Washington Post published a in depth and I mean in depth conversation a Q&A, it was kind of a feisty conversation. It involves actually a guy who's kind of obsessed with this issue. Philip bump, the national correspondent for The Washington Post. He's written like 6 articles about it. And he finally, well, I invited him to do a debate, and he said, well, I don't know about a debate, but maybe we can do a point counterpoint in exchange in The Washington Post. We talked for about an hour on Monday and I didn't expect him to publish the whole conversation, but he did. And it's awesome. I mean, when I printed it out, 23 pages long, so it's thousands of words. And as I was reading it, I was obviously focusing on the content. To be honest, I think he kind of got me, but that's not the reality. You could read and figure it out for yourself. Tomorrow, by the way, I'm going to do an in depth and discussion of that article and some of the other so called refutations. Of the movie. But as I was reading it, I was thinking to myself, you know, here is a movie that's being discussed, AD nauseam in The Washington Post, and yet it has not been mentioned on Fox News. So I think all of this is starting to, well, it's making Fox News look

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