Blake Masters: The DOJ, FBI, & Others Want to Criminalize Dissent


Here The DHS is talking about now A DHS domestic terrorism unit Now of course everybody's against domestic terrorism You know how they always use these labels to make sure you can't speak out against what they're really trying to do But this kind of stuff worries me I mean the government especially over the past 5 years as a history of abuse of power whether it was a spy gay case against Donald Trump the attack on school board parents by the FBI as domestic terrorists recently they're tarring of pro lifers indicating there could be a big danger from pro lifers which is nonsensical You know Blake this kind of stuff worries me We've really got to get a hold over these law enforcement agencies The FBI DoJ and DHS were the management in many cases there seems to have lost its way I think that's right I think the DoJ FBI DHS they've been completely weaponized basically It's no longer about the rule of law The Democrats are just using these agencies as their auxiliary arms They're enforcement arms And they literally think that Republicans are all terrorists Dan But they want to criminalize dissent from their agenda And you saw how it happened Look you had in Buffalo this last weekend You know you have this crazy deranged murderer Okay and I've been public Obviously condemn all murder that mass shooting That guy should be tried and convicted and executed pronto But you had the Rolling Stone you had media mainstream media saying oh that guy was a mainstream Republican No he wasn't He wasn't and they just want to lump us all in they want a criminalize us and they want to outlaw dissent This is straight out of George Orwell's 1984

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