Beto O'Rourke Attempts to Disrupt Gov. Abbott's Press Conference


And it's some lunatic email me Charlie it's not a national tragedy. Let me just shut up. It is, okay? You got 19 elementary kids. Murdered in a classroom, all right? So yes, it is. That doesn't happen every day. God forbid. So we're kind of on the fly here. And so. The whole thesis that we had here was that Democrats are going to overly politicize this and make it all about themselves and their political agenda. And as if right on cue, Robert Francis o'rourke couldn't allow governor Abbott to host a press conference on mental health and the facts related to it and barnstorms and bum rushes the stage like an unhinged activist and start screaming with his flailing arms of which there's not a detectable ounce of testosterone or muscle mass on the entire being of the wannabe Hispanic Irish man trust fund baby open border advocate gun grabbing activist from El Paso, Texas, who hell yes is going to take away all your guns soon to be three times failed candidate in Texas where he can't win a Senate race. You can't win a presidential race and he's not going to win the governor's race. And man, again, I have plenty of disagreements with governor Abbott on a lot of things. I don't think he acts fast enough. I think he's been fine. I don't think he's like Kemp, who's a total disaster. But if you want to turn me into a big Greg Abbott fan, congratulations, Robert Francis o'rourke. You've done that as you bum rush the stage and make yourself look like a fool, make your entire political party look like nothing more than opportunists. Okay, all right, let's just play it. Excuse me. You're out of line and an embarrassment. And you're doing nothing. No, please. How do you sit in the place to talk to yourself? This is totally predictable when you are out of line. Sir, you're out alive. I'm sure you are alive. Please leave us all. I can't believe you're a 6. Did we come to a deal like this to make a political issue? Sounds like he, why don't you get out of here? I'm not quite sure what Robert Francis o'rourke was saying, but he felt necessary to bum rush the stage and Ted Cruz is just losing it. And I think just kind of like the local sheriff came up and was like, you're an embarrassment. How dare you do this? We have not identified all the bodies. Hasn't been

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