Jessica Simpson Posts Unrecognizable Photo on Instagram


Listen, I know much of the country is falling apart, but I saw something this morning that I don't think I can unsee. There's a picture of Jessica Simpson, Jesus Christ yesterday, Jessica Simpson posted a throwback Instagram picture to honor her four years of sobriety. And in the caption of the pic, she explained that the person in this photo is an unrecognizable version of herself who used to booze who used booze to numb their issues. I'll tell you what, I never thought she would balloon up to this size. To me, Jessica Simpson, the day she thought, when she had that show with Nick Lachey, whatever that newlywed show was called, that reality show, one of the first of its kind, she was so adorable on that show. I know she was a nitwit and airhead, but what a sexy girl man. And when we were talking about chicken of the sea, she didn't understand tuna fish was chicken of the sea and so innocent, so sexy that, listen, ladies, a lot of men that night went bananas because we can't take when a girl that young and sexy doesn't quite get it. I know it makes us sound shallow. I get it, but to us a girl like that who looks as hot as that, they kind of appear helpless and that's when guys want to move in. I'm not saying it's a good trait. You know, I'm saying that's the way a lot of guys get. And boy, she was something for a while. But listen, the caption on this photo, everybody's using Instagram now to spill their personal lives out. The caption read, the person in the and by the way, if you have Instagram, well, we all have Instagram. Go to her page and look at this picture. You're not going to believe it's her. You're not going to believe it's

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