How Parents Can Become Great Teachers With Kirk Cameron


I mean, a lot of parents say, oh, my kids will become socially awkward. They want, but also other parents say, I can't possibly become a teacher. Talk about how you navigate that through the film and how parents actually they're able to teach more than they think. Yeah. Well, first of all, I'd like to say Charlie that I love teachers and teachers have such an important job. They make a difference in the lives of children and God bless all of the good teachers who are devoting their lives to teaching kids. In fact, my father is a public school teacher and so is my grandmother and my grandfather and teachers have made a great difference in my life. However, as we know in the public school system today, it's not like it was when we went to public school or our parents went to public school. Teachers are not choosing the curriculum. The government is and they've got the good teachers have got their hands tied. So with regard to homeschooling, you don't have to be an advanced physics teacher in order to teach that subject to your kids, you're just, you're the coach. You're the quarterback. There's some things that you can teach. And then there will be other people in the homeschool community in your area, no doubt who are qualified to teach these more advanced subjects that you're not comfortable with. And then of course there are online teachers with PhDs, fantastic curriculums that you can take as part of colleges, universities, private schools. There's even sports programs that you can be involved in, if not within your homeschool community sports leagues, but the schools that are in your community, private schools, and even public schools. A lot of people don't know that. But all of these things are available to you, they are to me and I live in California. So if you live in a state that embraces this more than we do out here, I'm sure your options will be even more

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