It's Not Easy Being a Radio Star


21 minutes after the hour America continue my conversation with the legendary Dodger broadcaster Vin Scully. And sky, how hard is it to get that first gig in broadcast? Well, again, fake play the hand. There was a lovely girl on the campus who was a friend of mine, not a girlfriend, but a friend named McGee, marguerite Clark, and marguerite said, I will type up letters and we'll send them out to radio stations, and I said, okay, let's start from Maine to Florida. And so we had a big book called a broadcast magazine, and it listed all of the stations that you addressed the East Asian managers name, et cetera, and she began typing up the letters, and we came to Washington, D.C., WTO, a.m. and FM, which is a 50,000 watt station. That's the major league. It doesn't get any bigger and brighter than that. So I said to McGee as we called her, McGee, we better skip that. That's too big a station. And to date the story, she said, look, it's only going to cost another three cents stamp. So we put a three cent stamp on this 50,000 watt station letter, mailed it off, and I received a lot of answers from other stations basically saying no job or listen pal. This is a big station and you're coming off a college campus station, which it was not. It was an FM station. But anyway, WTO P said please send an audition disk. So I sent a disk down containing the various bits and pieces of on air broadcast and the next thing I know I received a phone call and the phone call said we would be interested in meeting you, we don't hire anyone site unseen. So I went down to Washington or auditioned again live and got the job. That is

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