How Can Parents Push Back Against Chemical Castration Drugs?


We as parents push back if our kids go to government schools on our kids possibly getting chemical castration drugs? I'm very worried about this. Thanks so much. This is something that's a huge problem. And it's happening more and more. Biden assistant secretary for health, Levine, said that we need to empower kids to go on puberty blockers. So let me be very clear. If America had a any ounce of sanity, Richard Levine would be court martialed and arrested and have to post bail for saying something like this. In fact, I believe Richard Levine should be arrested. For the widespread promotion of child abuse for saying this, play cut 64. So we really want to debase our treatment and to affirm and to support an empower these youth not to limit their participation in activities and sports. And even a limit their ability to get gender affirmation treatment in their state. How is that how is that any different than someone saying on television? We need to have young kids on cocaine and heroin. How is that any different? You are pushing life altering chemical castration drugs that show to increase depression, suicide rates, self harm, social isolation, outside of parental guidance and support. The direct quote is we need to empower kids to go on puberty blockers and get sexual reassignment surgery. You know the only community that really likes that pharmaceutical companies because that's a gold mine of the therapists, not doing therapy. They're doing affirmation therapy, which is the opposite of therapy, and kicking it on over to kids. Here is a bunch of drugs. Here's a bunch of chemicals. Yeah, you might want to kill yourself, be super depressed and anxious. Don't worry, we have Xanax benzodiazepines, and we have all these other drugs for you. But that comes later. It's a massive pharmaceutical cocktail that gets controlled by Pfizer estrogenic and Moderna and all the others.

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