Thomas Sheahen's Objection to the Big Bang Theory


I'm talking to Thomas Sheehan. What's that Greek? Thomas she and PhD, he's the author of a book every win. God symmetry in time. Thomas Sheen, when my book came out is atheism dead. A lot of people have emailed me because they have a young earth view of things they say that they believe the universe and everything was created only a few thousand years ago. I don't have a dog in the fight. My attitude is whatever is is and whatever scripture says is true. But a lot of people who have as high a view of scripture as I do yourself and Hugh Ross and others believe in the Big Bang. What is your most basic objection to the idea of the young earth concept? Well, the scientific evidence really is very, very good that it has existed for a very long time. I look at the first part of genesis as wonderful expression in Hebrew poetry of the fact that God was trying to communicate something to people, but whoever was on the receiving end couldn't get it all straight. And they did the very best they could and they've given us the best they could in circumstances where they don't understand fully all that God wants to say. Let me tell you about a certain 20th century guy. Well, actually, he's still alive. It's all from Brooklyn named Jerry Schroeder, grew up and went to MIT. I know Gerald Schroeder, he's in Israel. He's a genius. Go ahead. Well, he came to the table with a devout orthodox Jewish religion following a certain rabbi named knock commodities not to be confused with maimonides who were more familiar with. And he said, the universe was created in 6 days and that's what my faith says. Well, in the meantime, he's got a PhD in physics from MIT, so he knows what his science is. 13.8 billion years. And Schroeder said it's up to me to resolve what appears to be a discrepancy between my face and my science.

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