'2000 Mules' Will Be Shown in 400 Movie Theaters This Weekend


What if 2000 mules being shown this weekend in over 400 theaters became the number one movie in America? You almost have an obligation to go see it. Because the movie is already a huge hit, it's already grossed well over $10 million. Online downloads, DVDs that are being ordered. And this weekend, there it will be shown in over 400 movie theaters around the country. Now, the bottom line is, and here's what dinesh said, we're going to talk to dinesh d'souza, the driving force, the creative force behind 2000 mules on tomorrow's show. But it's really kind of an official opening this weekend in movie theaters. And it's very important that the movie does well. Because his dinesh said, if the movie does well in theaters this weekend, then we'll be in even more theaters next weekend. And incidentally, dinesh points out, that wasn't even the movie makers initiative. A bunch of movie theaters noticed that when they did they rented out some theaters on May 2nd and May 4th, they did so well that they were like, hey, we want the movie in our theater.

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