Eric Adams Implies That He Supports Abortion up Until Birth


Eric Adams the New York City mayor everybody thought he was a moderate everybody thought he was a Law & Order guy He's a buffoon Another incompetent And he was asked a question today on CNN cut 6 go A poll that just came out this morning NPR marriage says the vast majority of Americans do not support overturning roe versus wade But a majority including the majority of Democrats does believe that there could or should be some restrictions in the direction Roe V wade has restrictions It has trimesters And in the third trimester it basically says that the state has an interest in protecting what is a viable baby Does anybody know this other than me They've gone way past roe versus wade This isn't even about roe versus wade anymore The Democrats want abortion on demand partial birth abortion right up to the last second right before birth And Adams admits it Go ahead That could be you say no restrictions at all No I say and I continue to say and I stand by this When we should determine what they're going to do with their bodies And should they determine what they're going to do With the viable babies body see this is where the rubber hits the road This is where they really can't have an answer This is why this witness foster was so good with Raskin Okay we'll have an exception for rape and incest Will you vote for our building I reclaim my time His answer is no

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