Author Steven Mosher Explains How China Breeds Pandemics


A major work is out now. I love these politically incorrect guides. I have learned an immense amount from them. And you have now a written when was it published just this week last week last month, the on off the presses, the publication date was this week, and so the politically incorrect guy to pandemics. I love it. There's no doubt it is now on my list to read because it's you and because it's the subject. So give me, give me some examples of a politically incorrect take on pandemics. Well, first of all, people need to know that China is the great breeding ground of pandemics, especially under the Chinese Communist Party. That back in 1958, there was something called the Asian fluid killed a million people around the world. Why? Because when it originated in South China in the province of guizhou in the southwest of China, the Chinese Communist Party covered it up. It did not see fit to notify the World Health Organization that there was a dangerous new virus on the loose, the tens of thousands of Chinese were dying. And it became a pandemic and spread around the world. Only later did genetic evidence trace it back to China. A far too late to do any good in terms of curbing the pandemic. Same thing happened again. Same playbook, 1967, 68, with what was called the Hong Kong flu. Now, Dennis, it wasn't the Hong Kong flu. It was the Mainland China flu, the people of Hong Kong were furious at being having it mislabeled. But China did the same thing. The Chinese Communist Party did not notify the World Health Organization, covered up the epidemic, let it spread around the world until over a million people died. But the real, the real troubling episode and the one that should have clued us into the danger from China as the great breeding ground of pandemics happened in 2002, 2003. This was the SARS one coronavirus epidemic. We're living through the SARS two. SARS one happened. I began in November 16th of 2002, when a snake cellar in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong became ill with a coronavirus, a snake coronavirus, in that case, not a bad coronavirus. And he died fairly quickly after that. Thousands of people died in China in the months following. And what did China do? The Chinese Communist Party hid the breakout of this deadly coronavirus. It silenced whistleblowers. It did not notify the World Health Organization, and it was only when Canadian intelligence thank God, Canadian intelligence services picked up wire transmissions in China about the spread of a dangerous new virus that the world went to China and said, what's going on and China belatedly admitted that it had an epidemic on its hands

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