Ilan Berman: Sanctioned by Russia


He's the senior vice president of the American foreign policy council. Ilan bahman, welcome to America first. Oh, thanks for good to be back. So you've changed your bio on Twitter. There's a new line at the end of it. There is. Sanctioned by Russia. The land Berman sanctioned by Russia. There are quite a few of us have been, but I'm jealous now. I would like to be sexy. Okay, guys, put the tweet up on the screen. I received this from Ilan on Saturday. Quote, there's nothing quite like wicking up on a Saturday morning and finding out you've been sanctioned by the Russian government. Quote, I finally made it, guys. Little old Ilhan Berman, what did you do? Well, would you like to take back the Crimea single handedly? What did you do? Well, so as they say in business, you haven't really arrived until somebody sued you. So I feel like in politics, this is sort of a proof of concept that the work that I've been doing for years and you and I have talked about this a lot on Russian politics, Russian demographics, Russian neo imperialism. The right people are taking

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