Corey Lewandowski: Michael Sussmann Will Get a Slap on the Wrist


Must be a similar satisfaction that you're feeling right now in Robbie mook testifying Friday that it was actually Hillary who said give this phony story to the news media. Corey, give me your thoughts, give me your take. I know you're following this Michael sussman trial pretty closely. What's the Corey Lewandowski takeaway of what we've learned so far? Michael, here's the problem. Sussman is probably going to be found guilty of lying to the FBI because we have his text messages when he reached out to baker who at the time was the chief legal counsel for the FBI and said I'd like to come and see you and it's not for a client and it's not for a political campaign just as the goodness of my own heart. I want to share this information with you. We have that text message and that's what Durham predicated this whole follow-up on. Now what we're going to find out, though, because justice is not equally distributed, we know that Robbie milk has now said that Hillary Clinton green lit this, but that Robbie never knew it was going to go to the FBI. We were just going to give it to The New York Times. And what sussman told baker we now know was we think you should investigate this because The New York Times is about to run the store. And then baker actually called The New York Times and said, hey, please don't run the story yet because the FBI wants to track it down when the entire time Susan was a source to The New York Times. And so what's going to happen to sussman? My guess is, I get to slap on the wrist. Maybe he loses his law license for a year. Maybe he gets probation, but his life will get destroyed like Michael Flynn. He's not going to end up bankrupt. He's not going to be dragged in front of Congress like Corey Lewandowski was in front of Jerry Nadler.

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