Ukrainian Troops Locked in Combat Along the East, Waiting for Weapons


Washington compost Kyiv Ukraine Ukraine forces locked in a grinding battle for control of the country's east struggled to hold off Russian troops and buy themselves some time Yesterday while they await the arrival of the advanced rockets and anti aircraft weapons promised by the west Now I want to thank the Brits who have been really at the front of this I want to thank many of the once captured nations in Eastern Europe our closest allies in Europe actually like the polls and so forth I want to thank the tiny little Balkan states Finland I want to thank even these formerly neutral states They see what's taking place And now finally we've said hey you know what And the problem is you get these medium range rockets now with the pinpoint precision And the good artillery It takes weeks to get them in the field and get them where they need to be and train these guys to do this Weeks So when they wait this is what happens

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