Tatum, Brown lead Celtics to 109-103 win, 3-0 lead over Nets


The the the the Celtics Celtics Celtics Celtics are are are are up up up up three three three three nothing nothing nothing nothing in in in in their their their their opening opening opening opening round round round round series series series series after after after after silencing silencing silencing silencing Kevin Kevin Kevin Kevin Durant Durant Durant Durant and and and and Kyrie Kyrie Kyrie Kyrie Irving Irving Irving Irving once once once once again again again again in in in in a a a a one one one one on on on on one one one one or or or or three three three three decision decision decision decision over over over over the the the the nets nets nets nets in in in in Brooklyn Brooklyn Brooklyn Brooklyn Jayson Jayson Jayson Jayson Tatum Tatum Tatum Tatum scored scored scored scored thirty thirty thirty thirty nine nine nine nine points points points points and and and and Jaylen Jaylen Jaylen Jaylen brown brown brown brown had had had had twenty twenty twenty twenty three three three three for for for for Boston Boston Boston Boston brown brown brown brown says says says says they're they're they're they're doing doing doing doing a a a a great great great great job job job job closing closing closing closing out out out out wins wins wins wins down down down down the the the the stretch stretch stretch stretch when when when when placemat placemat placemat placemat it's it's it's it's not not not not about about about about just just just just making making making making shots shots shots shots it's it's it's it's about about about about the the the the box box box box houses houses houses houses about about about about making making making making the the the the right right right right plays plays plays plays about about about about switching switching switching switching up up up up aggressively aggressively aggressively aggressively are are are are little little little little things things things things that that that that you you you you know know know know we we we we might might might might not not not not have have have have done done done done earlier earlier earlier earlier I I I I think think think think we're we're we're we're doing doing doing doing now now now now Duran Duran Duran Duran took took took took only only only only eleven eleven eleven eleven shots shots shots shots finishing finishing finishing finishing with with with with sixteen sixteen sixteen sixteen points points points points eight eight eight eight rebounds rebounds rebounds rebounds and and and and eight eight eight eight assists assists assists assists Irving Irving Irving Irving was was was was six six six six for for for for seventeen seventeen seventeen seventeen and and and and also also also also had had had had sixteen sixteen sixteen sixteen points points points points for for for for the the the the nets nets nets nets game game game game four four four four is is is is Monday Monday Monday Monday in in in in Brooklyn Brooklyn Brooklyn Brooklyn I'm I'm I'm I'm Dave Dave Dave Dave Ferrie Ferrie Ferrie Ferrie

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