Everybody Needs to Read a New Article by Michael Anton...


Everybody needs to read a new article by Michael Anton at comp at compact magazine. And I will send you the link so you can post it on Twitter. Well, actually, make sure you post it on Twitter and I will retweet it. But the point is, a point in my article that stream dot org is transphobia is a made up term, but what it represents is something we should embrace. Gender dysphoria is the mental illness like anorexia or bulimia, where false cognitions about your body drive you to do things that are self destructive, medically dangerous and will cause you suffering in the long run. Our culture has decided to enable and encourage these sexual anorexics, these sexual bulimics to cut off their healthy genitals, cut off their healthy breasts, take dangerous hormones of the kind that give people cancer, become addicted to pharmaceutical interventions for their whole lives. Because the same people who want organic food served in public schools want the same kids to be on artificial hormones, their entire lives to accommodate some mental illusion, which was planted in their heads, the liberals want to spread gender dysphoria among kids. That's why they want drag queen story hour.

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