Jim Hanson and David Goldman Discuss Nancy Pelosi's Taiwan Trip


Again bringing our way toward World War three and I'm not sure why. So because of that, I wanted to bring on someone who may be able to shed some light on this. David Goldman is the Spengler columnist for Asia times and PJ media and the president of macro strategy LLC. And an all around expert on the Pacific Rim and related locales. Now I was a first group guy, so this is my area of operations as well. And I'm obviously I am a 100% believer that we can not allow Taiwan to be pushed around and we can't allow the Chinese to tell us where Americans can and can not go. But I am at a loss to figure out why right now Nancy Pelosi seemed to have a unilateral need to conduct foreign policy into Taiwan. Do you have any idea what she's actually up to? Well, the charitable view is that Pelosi wants to show the flag and tell voters that the Democrats really aren't soft in Taiwan. And a child, which, of course, the Republicans will attack the Biden administration for. The less charitable view is she's doing freelance diplomacy with the idea that we're going to show the flag and intimidate the Chinese and tell them that we're going to stand by Taiwan in a situation where we are not prepared militarily to defend it. Provocation from weakness is the opposite of peace through strength, which is what I believe in. And what she's doing, I think, is exceptionally dangerous and stupid. Of the body of the menstruation owns that completely because he's going to be flying in an American military aircraft.

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