Leo Terrell: Gavin Newsom Will Run for President in 2024


Leo Gavin Newsom obviously the governor of California does appear to have some national aspirations Something very bizarre I noted the other day It was in political playbook They noted that Newsom apparently bought an ad block according to their reporting Been Florida Now last time I checked Leo you are an attorney so check me if I'm wrong Floridians can't vote for the governor of California So I'm not really sure what Newsom is up to but it appears he does have national aspirations Spot on I'm talking about that today a couple of weeks ago He said I have no aspirations I'm supporting Kamala Amazing how two weeks has changed This guy is running for president right now because he knows he got this reelection already in the back This guy and by the way the good thing is no I don't think we like the Republican from California Two of them But there's never been a Democrat elected but this guy is running for president in 2024 That's why those commercials in Florida

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