ROE GONE! What's Next?


Is now in an interesting determination. There are many who feel that roe V wade was one of the worst decided cases in the annals of supreme courts up with plessy and dred Scott and just so many other cases that were wrongly decided by a court. And it is needed to be changed. The Dobbs case makes this premise a very real because the Mississippi case with the exception of a life of mother set this at 15 weeks. It said it below the threshold of what is determined, the courts have used his viability. But then the question became is it an undue burden if you said it at 15 weeks. Now there are many who frankly for the prolonged community are not crazy about 15 weeks. It allows 15 weeks in which states could allow abortions. But if they kept under the rogue concept, I think what is more being pushed here and what Stewart the attorney general from Mississippi is saying is now it is time just to start over. It is time to get the courts out of this decision making process. It is the time to get the courts out of this process. And send it back to the states in which you will then have the discussion of elected officials representing people that they see and know every day to decide is this where we want our state to be. Do we want our state to be a part of allowing abortion? Do we want to be a part of it and how much do we want to allow how far do we want to allow it? And you know, even going back into you want to allow just as Colorado and the District of Columbia and some recently have passed laws that say that abortion is legal up until the before birth. I

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