Russia's messages with missiles tell West to back off


Summers And I'm Ari Shapiro Russia has increased its aerial assault on southern Ukraine recently It's been firing missiles at areas outside of the Donbass hitting food storage facilities in the city of Nikolai And just hours ago at least 21 people were killed and dozens were injured when Russian missiles struck a residential tower and recreation center just outside the city of Odessa And Peter granite's reports The sun and the beach has a red skull and crossbones warning of landmines laid to prevent an amphibious landing by Russians That doesn't stop a dozen or so people from hopping the fence to catch the sun on a beautiful hot afternoon One of them is an older man named vasili He doesn't give us his last name You sense he's a little embarrassed for breaking the rules Sometimes I worry he says sometimes I don't If I worry all the time I should live in a bomb shelter While he may sound carefree others are frustrated Slava bielski has a beer in hand as he takes in the beach and waves

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