Are We Approaching the Great Divergence?


I talk frequently in Debbie and I do also on the podcast about the divide between red America, blue America, but is this divide getting worse? Are we in fact approaching what could be called a great divergence? In which two parts of the country really pull almost irreconcilably apart. I say irreconcilably because you can only have a common ground when you agree about your goals. But you disagree about means. If you agree that America should be prosperous, you can argue about how to get there. If you agree on protecting life, you can argue about what's the best way to do that. Problem is when the two sides want to go in different directions. They disagree about ends. Now, this certainly occurred in the time leading up to the Civil War. In which the essentially wig and then Republican north began to diverge from the pro slavery democratic south. And disagree fundamentally. It wasn't just, at the time of the founding, there was a kind of virtually universal agreement that slavery was a bad thing, even if it should be temporarily tolerated. It should not be allowed to grow or to expand and the slave trade. We should not be allowed to proliferate. But what happened in the early 19th century was you got two sides, one of which basically said slavery is bad and should be restricted. The other which sets slavery is good and should be expanded. And that was the cleavage that produced the ultimately the horrific Civil

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