Celebrities Are Hypocritical Eco-Warriors


I relate a story that the rapper Drake went on a date with some 21 year old influencer model. Actually, she's 20. Their first date, you know what it was? He took it to saint Moritz to go yacht shopping. Gotta have a yacht go along with your private jet. I mean, renting a Gulf Stream 700? That's for losers. You gotta get yourself that bombardier global 7500, man. Now that's trip. But drinks another one of those hypocrites who talk out of both sides of their mounds and I hate to tell you too many young kids believe it. Some adults believe it. Listen to kids and some adults talk about climate change, but yet they still have a warm place in their heart to lean onto the caprio and drink and Jay-Z and coffee and whoever the hell else has a massive yacht or private jet that leaves a carbon footprint bigger than the Grand Canyon. And it's so insane,

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