Maj Toure: Dems Have Openly Said They Want to Overstep


Truth One of the tricks of manipulating the masses is whether I say it and you think it's a joke or whether I say it and you think it's me being ignorant the reality is comically I told you exactly I was honest They've been telling us through you know hook and crook word and deed we are coming to stop the American people from having the means to defend themselves We would like to circumnavigate the Second Amendment We want to have that backdoor registry You see what just happened with the ATF showing up this guy's house in Delaware This is not we all seem like we are you know we got a crystal balls in our House but the reality is we just do this a history And we see what the overreaching government does And so they're doing it this way now and they're doing it more boldly and again in their word indeed but it's some additions there They're not just saying oh the assault band thing is because he is an assault weapon They're saying that in their adding it's like a pork filled Bill That's exactly what they're doing We just have to stay the course and make sure that we are calling them out maintaining our liberties being very loud about it Freedom people tend to be quiet because we're reserved We're silent professionals at certain points The silent majority has to be the vocal majority and that's what

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