White House's Funniest Home Videos: Trump Has a Blooper Reel


Where do we start with obviously the big J 6 hearing tonight? Oh, we're going to see the blooper reel. Yeah. Which is the multiple times that got tried to get Trump, right? Yeah. And CNN's reporting this morning that Trump only made the video because he was afraid of the Twenty-fifth Amendment, his cabinet Twenty-fifth Amendment. Yes. They said he only stopped he almost said go home in the insurrection because a it failed and be they were talking about Twenty-fifth Amendment. And they have every version. Yes. Yes. No. Yes. Every version of the videos that he cut. Is there one where he gets hit in the balls? I'm just hoping. I'm just, is that just me? I miss all The White House is funniest videos. I'm old school. I want Dick Clark and Ed McMahon to show up. Yes. Like the old TV bloopers and practical stuff. I just said Bob Saget, and then I realized that we can't have nice things anymore. Somebody shows up.

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