Backlash After Madonna Reveals Her Team Have Been Working For Free


No one else is lunacy. Madonna's most recent case of butt burn. She got all pissed off because she posted a bunch of pictures on Instagram and she's not happy that people are not supporting her art. She need to support her rod. She says she's not just complaining about not having been supported by non artistic people who objected, did you see those pictures about her? She did something for the magazine as if we all know V magazine. But the post in V magazine included a behind the scenes photo of the photographer Steven Klein holding a knife to her throat. I don't know why they thought it was edgy and she thanked the people who worked long hours for free all to support madam X that's her new moniker as you probably know. So she's worked with people who weren't paid all night for this photo shoot all day and all night. And she's being criticized for sharing this violent image of the knife to her throat and the fact that she made people work for free. These things don't work well for Madonna. She's going through it. And of course, you know, she did this awful photo shoot the other day with I showed you pictures on the Facebook podcast obsessed page. I'll get to that in a second. But this recent photo shoot for V magazine very controversial in which she alluded to Marilyn Monroe's death. And she said, I'm proud of my collaboration with Stephen Klein for V magazine and knowing that against all odds. And with very little support from non artistic people. That's you. Who can't pushing back and the fact that we did it with almost zero budget, we were still able to make

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